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    Sur 30 – Letter to the readers

    I’m a human rights defender.

    Ishtar Lakhani - South Africa

    “For me, being a human rights defender is rewarding, but it is also an act of courage”

    Indyra Mendoza - Honduras

    “Being a leader, a woman and indigenous: three challenges, three barriers”

    Angela Amanakwa Kaxuyana - Brazil

    Sewing struggles, narratives and memory

    Building peace

    Rojava Information Center - Siria

    The Indigenous Guard and the defence of human rights

    - Colombia

    Human Rights Defenders: a journey

    The Minnesota Method for Human Rights Change

    Todd Howland

    Shelby Ankrom

    Gonxhe Kandri

    Paul Olubayo

    Hannah Shireman

    Alli Strong-Martin

    Amelia Shindelar - U.S.

    Protection, self-care and the safety of human rights defenders

    Simone Cruz - Brazil

    Jelena Dordevic - Serbia - Brazil

    Under attack but fighting back

    Débora Leão - Brazil

    Marianna Belalba Barreto - Venezuela

    Responsible sourcing

    Ali Hines - U.K.

    Two steps forward, one step back

    Ashvini Rae - U.K.

    When the Defenders are Silenced

    Madeleine Sinclair - U.S.

    A dream of a new police force

    Coronel Íbis Silva Pereira - Brazil

    Women activists in the field of human rights and business

    Amanda Romero Medina - Colombia

    Júlia Mello Neiva - Brazil

    From Self-care to Collective Care

    Lisa Chamberlain - South Africa

    Iêda Leal: “Our bodies are targets”

    Luiz Franco - Brazil

    Covid-19, the economy and human rights

    Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky - Argentina

    Past Issues