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Sur 23 – Letter to the readers

Cartooning for Peace

The impact of international health crises on the rights of migrants

Deisy Ventura - Brazil

Mensajeros de las malas noticias

João Wainer - Brazil

Lucas Ferraz - Brazil

Isadora Brant - Brazil

Bia Bittencourt - Brazil


“Smugglers will always outwit, outpace and outfox the governments”

François Crépeau - Canada

Three emergent migrations : an epochal change

Saskia Sassen - Netherlands

Infographics: Migration and Human Rights

Deisy Ventura - Brazil

Natália Araújo - Brazil

A force to be reckoned with

Zenén Jaimes Peréz - Mexico / US

New migrations

Catherine Wihtol de Wenden - France

Language as a migration policy tool

Pablo Ceriani Cernadas - Argentina

High fences do not make good neighbours

Messaoud Romdhani - Tunisia

Not so safe and sound

Jamil Dakwar - US

issue 30

Call for papers for the 30th special edition of
Sur - International Journal on Human Rights

Human rights defenders – their roots, faces and stories

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