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    Sur 31 – Letter to the readers

    “We need greater transparency and debate on the use of surveillance technology given the enormous negative impact is has on peoples’ lives”

    Jamila Venturini - Brasil

    Michel Roberto de Souza - Brazil

    “In The Pacific, We Take Care of Ourselves”

    Lizeth Sinisterra Ossa - Colombia

    The political meaning of privacy and identity

    Usha Ramanathan - India

    Environmental Equity and Racial Justice

    Luis Gilberto Murillo - Colombia

    Marcela Angel Lalinde - Colombia

    The Human Rights of Migrants and Covid-19

    Felipe González Morales - Chile

    Renato Zerbini Ribeiro Leão - Brazil

    Covid-19 and the Constitution

    Vivek Divan

    Gargi Mishra

    Disha Verma

    Siddharth Peter de Souza

    Varsha Aithala - India

    Naomi Jose

    Conor McGlynn

    Teresa Sebastian

    Vaibhav Bhawsar - India

    Cross in yellow

    “Capitalism and the system of patent monopolies were the biggest challenge to the TRIPS waiver”

    Fatima Hassan - South Africa

    Monitor and fail

    Carlos Germán Guerrero Argote - Peru

    Intellectual property and global inequality in the Covid-19 pandemic

    Alan Rossi Silva

    Clara Alves Silva

    Felipe de Carvalho Borges da Fonseca

    Pedro Villardi

    Susana Rodrigues Cavalcanti van der Ploeg - Brazil

    A tide of hope

    - Brazil

    Building pressure for change

    Margarida Lunetta - Brazil

    Ilan Vuddamalay - Switzerland

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