SUR 12

issue N.12 • v.7 • Jun/2010

Sur International Journal on Human Rights, founded in 2004 and published by Conectas Human Rights, produces, fosters and disseminates innovative research and ideas, primarily from the Global South, on human rights practice.

The Sur Journal serves as a channel for sharing perspectives on the world’s human rights agenda. It is a space where the Global South’s role in shaping human rights discourse and practice – including, its institutions, priorities and impact – is debated.

SUR file on Millennium Development Goals

Combating Exclusion: Why Human Rights Are Essential for the MDGs

Amnesty International

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Reflections on the Role of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in relation to the Millennium Development Goals

Victoria Tauli-Corpuz

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Toward Transformative Accountability: Applying a Rights-based Approach to Fulfill Maternal Health Obligations

Alicia Ely Yamin

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Millennium Development Goal 6 and the Right to Health: Conflictual or Complementary?

Sarah Zaidi

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Climate Change and the Millennium Development Goals: The Right to Development, International Cooperation and the Clean Development Mechanism

Marcos A. Orellana

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Corporate Accountability

Aliens, Apartheid and US Courts: Is the Right of Apartheid Victims to Claim Reparations from Multinational Corporations at last Recognized?

Lindiwe Knutson

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The Ruggie Framework: An Adequate Rubric for Corporate Human Rights Obligations?

David Bilchitz

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The Effectiveness of the Inter-American System of Human Rights Protection: A Quantitative Approach to its Functioning and Compliance With its Decisions

Fernando Basch, Leonardo Filippini, Ana Laya, Mariano Nino, Felicitas Rossi and Bárbara Schreiber

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The Commonwealth of Nations: Intergovernmental and Nongovernmental Strategies for the Protection of Human Rights in a Post-colonial Association

Richard Bourne

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