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    Sur 32 – Letter to the readers

    Reconstructing symbols, reinventing monuments

    “To combat disinformation we need to build transnational movements and a transnational solidarity”

    Otto Saki - Zimbabwe/USA

    “The goal of visionary fiction is to change the world”

    Walidah Imarisha - USA

    “Terribly Christian”

    Déborah Silva do Monte - Brazil

    Matheus de Carvalho Hernandez - Brazil

    Legal dilemmas related to the restriction of hate speech

    Víctor Abramovich - Argentina

    China’s growing influence at the UN Human Rights Council

    Raphael Viana David - Brazil

    “Fixing the roof while the sun is shining.”

    Akwe Amosu - Nigeria/England

    Artificial Intelligence and Online Hate Speech Moderation

    Natalie Alkiviadou - Cyprus/Denmark

    There is good news for institutional development

    Muriel Asseraf - France/Brazil

    2022 and the odyssey to combat misinformation in Brazil

    Nina Santos - Brazil

    “We must understand the historical span and longevity of conservative movements”

    Sonia Corrêa - Brazil

    “The human rights movement needs to learn from its peers”

    Carlos Quesada - Costa Rica

    The reconfiguration of power

    Ronilso Pacheco - Brazil

    Filing the stone, washing the flag

    Bruno Oliveira - Brazil

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