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    Sur 27 – Letter to the readers

    Are we going to feminise the internet?

    Mariana Valente - Brazil

    Natália Neris - Brazil

    Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize

    Fake news: what it is and how to deal with it

    Márcio Moretto Ribeiro - Brazil

    Pablo Ortellado - Brazil

    Digital sovereignty or digital colonialism?

    Renata Avila Pinto - Guatemala

    David Kaye: “Net neutrality is part of the overall struggle for human rights in a digital age”

    Democracy and the algorithmic turn

    Anita Gurumurthy - India

    Deepti Bharthur - India

    Online Public Engagement in Jordan

    Reem Al Masri - Jordan

    Democracy and digital technology

    Ted Piccone - United States

    Building a movement for net neutrality

    Jonathan Perri - United States

    Is Social Media Good or Bad for Democracy?

    Cass Sunstein - United States

    A Very Secret Ballot

    Lucy Purdon - United Kingdom

    issue 32

    Call for papers for the 32nd edition of
    Sur - International Journal on Human Rights

    Possible Futures: Is there a new normal?

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