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Sur 26 – Letter to the readers

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Civil society is not the enemy

Ana Cernov - Brazil

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Duterte and Donor Withdrawal

Jonas Bagas - Philippines

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Infographics: Civic space explained

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Subtle restrictions on the freedom of association

Miguel de la Vega - Mexico

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Resilience in times of repression

Carlos Patiño Pereda - Venezuela

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Maina Kiai: “We’ve got to go back to basics”

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Video article: Strategies to Resist

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Lives in favelas matter

Raull Santiago - Brazil

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Self-care as a political strategy

Ana María Hernández Cárdenas - Mexico

Nallely Guadalupe Tello Méndez - Mexico

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Stories of struggle and inspiration

Valerie Msoka - Tanzania

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The one-state reality of constant exception

Hagai El-Ad - Israel

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War on NGOs in Eastern Europe

Stefánia Kapronczay - Hungary

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Egypt: Spaces Under Attack

Sara Alsherif - Egypt

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Confronting Closing Civic Spaces In Nigeria

Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri - Nigeria

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Online Feminist Resistance in Pakistan

Zoya Rehman - Pakistan

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Reclaiming Civic Space

Standing Firm

Bondita Acharya - India

Helen Kezie-Nwoha - Nigeria

Sondos Shabayek - Egypt

Shalini Eddens - US

Susan Jessop - The Netherlands

Reclaiming Civic Space

The south in transition

Denise Dora - Brazil

Ravindran Daniel - India

Barbara Klugman - South Africa

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Human rights in the midst of the pandemic: impacts and answers

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