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    Sur 22 – Letter to the readers

    The impact of arms on civilians

    Small Arms, Big Violations

    Daniel Mack - Brazil

    Fighting Fire with an Inferno

    Guy Lamb - South Africa

    The Birth and the Heart of the Arms Trade Treaty

    Brian Wood - UK

    Rasha Abdul-Rahim - UK

    The Technologies of Violence and Global Inequality

    Thomas Nash - New Zealand

    The Human Cost of Bombing Cities

    Maya Brehm - Switzerland

    Women, Weapons, Peace and Security

    Jody Williams - US

    Riot Control Agents: The Case for Regulation

    Anna Feigenbaum - UK

    Arms Trade Regulation and Sustainable Development: the Next 15 Years

    Héctor Guerra - Mexico

    María Pía Devoto - Argentina

    Arms as foreign policy: the case of Brazil

    Camila Asano - Brazil

    Jefferson Nascimento - Brazil

    Fire from the Blue Sky

    Mirza Shahzad Akbar - Pakistan

    Umer Gilani - Pakistan

    Infographics: arms and human rights

    issue 32

    Call for papers for the 32nd edition of
    Sur - International Journal on Human Rights

    Possible Futures: Is there a new normal?

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