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Sur 28 – Letter to the Readers

Structural racism and the criminalisation of abortion in brazil

Lívia Casseres - Brazil

The Massacre of Black Brazilians in the War on Drugs

Nathália Oliveira - Brazil

Eduardo Ribeiro - Brazil

Putting Racial Equality onto the Global Human Rights Agenda

E. Tendayi Achiume - Zambia

The only Black woman at the social justice philanthropy dinner party

Nicolette Naylor - South Africa

Luto para nós é verbo

Natasha Neri

Juliana Farias

Karla da Costa

Renato Martins

Afro-Atlantic Histories

Racialising the debate on human rights

Thula Pires - Brazil

Race Matters

Mariana Berbec-Rostas

Soheila Comninos

Mary Miller Flowers

Sue Gunawardena-Vaughn

Michael Heflin

Nina Madsen

Black Women Under Fire

Juliana Borges - Brazil

The role of white people in the fight against racism

Denise Carreira - Brazil

The challenge of overcoming institutional barriers to end racial discrimination in the workplace

Maryluz Barragán González - Colombia

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Call for papers for the 30th special edition of
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Human rights defenders – their roots, faces and stories

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