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    Sur 21 – Letter to the readers

    NGOs and drug policy

    Rafael Custódio - Brazil

    Global Protests: Through the photographer’s lens

    Asia: Advocating for humane and effective drug policies

    Gloria Lai - Thailand

    West Africa: a new frontier for drug policies?

    Adeolu Ogunrombi - Nigeria

    Empty slogans, real problems

    Carl L. Hart - US

    The Elephant in the Room: Drugs and Human Rights in Latin America

    Luciana Pol - Argentina

    Juan Carlos Garzón - Colombia

    Uruguay’s advances in drug policy

    Milton Romani Gerner - Uruguay

    Drugs policies and public health

    Luís Fernando Tófoli - Brazil

    Brazil: Critical reflections on a repressive drug policy

    Luciana Boiteux - Brazil

    The UN in 2016: A watershed moment

    Anand Grover - India

    issue 32

    Call for papers for the 32nd edition of
    Sur - International Journal on Human Rights

    Possible Futures: Is there a new normal?

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