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Sur 24 – Women: Movements, successes and obstacles – Letter to the readers

Women on strike

Women’s Rights and Feminist Movements in Iran

Nayereh Tohidi - Iran

Care work

Helena Hirata - Brazil

MARIA GALINDO: “The homogeneity in feminism bores us; unusual alliances need to be formed”

Black feminism for a new civilizatory framework

Djamila Ribeiro - Brazil

SILVIA FEDERICI: “Our struggle will not succeed unless we rebuild society”

25 Years of Quota Laws in Latin America

Lucía Martelotte - Argentina

“In the context of life or death, non-violence is a privilege”

Ayla Akat Ata - Kurdistan

Women’s rights and fiscal justice

Chiara Capraro - Italy

SONIA CORREA: “The category woman is no longer of use for the feminist cause”

The Maria da Penha law: 10 years on

Wania Pasinato - Brazil

From the “boom” in care to the exercise of rights

Laura Pautassi - Argentina

Infographics: Inequality in Numbers

Natália Araújo - Brazil

issue 30

Call for papers for the 30th special edition of
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Human rights defenders – their roots, faces and stories

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