Video Essay

Luto para nós é verbo11. The title of this short documentary “Luto Para Nós Sempre Foi Um Verbo” literally translates as “Mourning For us Has Always Been a Verb”. The Portuguese word for “mourning” (luto) is an noun referring to the feeling of sorrow attached to someone’s death. It also resembles the Portuguese word for “luta” (fight).

Natasha Neri, Juliana Farias, Karla da Costa and Renato Martins


Natasha Neri

Natasha Neri is a journalist, filmmaker, Master in Anthropology, researcher in the areas of Criminal Justice and Human Rights. She is director, along with Lula Carvalho, of the documentary "Auto de Resistência” (2018). She has studied police killings for the last 10 years, including co-authoring the book "When the Police Kills: Homicides by ‘Autos de Resistência’ in Rio de Janeiro (2001-2011)", Booklink, Rio de Janeiro.

Juliana Farias

Juliana Farias, 36, is anthropologist. She worked as screenwriter along with Natasha Neri for the documentary Self-Resistance (2018), on police violence against black youth. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Pagu / Unicamp Gender Studies Center.

Karla da Costa

Karla da Costa is graduated in Social Communication at the Superior School of Propaganda and Marketing (ESPM), since 2014 she has been working as a director of photography, one of the main projects was the documentary "Bixa travesty” (2017), awarded at some 2018 festivals as Teddy awards, Festival de Berlin, Shows La ploma Valencia /Spain, Festival de Brasília.

Renato Martins

Renato Martins is a director, editor and producer, graduated in media. Director of two award-winning feature films in Brazil and abroad: "Geraldinos" and "Carta para o Futuro", and three short films, also awarded. Among his main works as an editor are the films: "Tropa de Elite", "Até que a sorte nos separe 2 e 3", " Democracia em Preto e Branco", among others. He is currently working on the release of his third feature documentary "Relatos do Front" and the development of his first feature film, "Caldo de Cana".