issue N.8 • v.5 • Jan/2008

Sur International Journal on Human Rights, founded in 2004 and published by Conectas Human Rights, produces, fosters and disseminates innovative research and ideas, primarily from the Global South, on human rights practice.

The Sur Journal serves as a channel for sharing perspectives on the world’s human rights agenda. It is a space where the Global South’s role in shaping human rights discourse and practice – including, its institutions, priorities and impact – is debated.

SUR file on Right to health and access to medicaments

Access to medical treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS: success without victory in Chile

Jorge Contesse and Domingo Lovera Parmo

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Access to medicines and intelectual property in Brazil: reflections and strategies of civil society

Gabriela Costa Chaves, Marcela Fogaça Vieira and Renata Reis

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The human right to medicines

Paul Hunt and Rajat Khosla

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Medicines for the world: boosting innovation without obstructing free access

Thomas Pogge

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Human Rights for all: from the struggle against authoritarianism to the construction of an all-inclusive democracy: a view from the Southern Cone and Andean Region

Martín Abregú

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Legal recognition of sexual rights: a comparative analysis with reproductive rights

Laura Davis Mattar

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Constructing a new Human Rights lexicon: Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Amita Dhanda

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The virtue of following: the role of Inter-American litigation in campaigns for social justice

James L. Cavallaro and Stephanie Erin Brewer

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